sports massage

The Benefits of Regular Sports Massage

Regular sports massage is one of the most effective ways to enhance the performance and recovery of athletes such as runners, cyclist, football & Rugby players, Cross Fitters, Triathletes, Weightlifters, Golfers and Tennis Players etc. It involves manipulating the soft tissue in order to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, break down adhesions and alleviate pain. Sports massage can benefit anyone who engages in athletic activity, whether they are a professional athlete or simply someone who exercises regularly. The major benefit of regular sports massage is that it can help prevent injury. By improving circulation and reducing muscle tension, sports massage helps to reduce the risk of strains and sprains. It can also help to increase range of motion, which is important when looking to prevent injuries during exercise or athletic competition. In addition, sports massage can be an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety associated with training competition or a physically or non physically demanding job. Overall, having regular sports massage is a valuable tool for anyone looking to maximise their performance potential, feel better and minimise their overall risk of injury.

Unlike traditional Swedish massages which focus on relaxation and stress relief, sports massages target specific muscle groups that are used during physical activity. This makes it ideal for people who live an active lifestyle or those who suffer from chronic pain due to sitting for long time periods with poor posture, have muscular tension or injuries. The techniques used in sports massage include deep tissue work, stretching, and trigger point therapy to help release tension and promote healing within the muscles. In addition to its physical benefits, sports massage can also be mentally refreshing too. Ultimately, sports massage is an effective way to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries by promoting overall health and wellness.

At Sports Therapy One Kenilworth – Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Massage we recommend having 3 sports massage sessions 1 -2 weeks apart to initially get on top of any stubborn tissue tension. Following on from that, having a sports massage every 4 to 6 weeks is a wise investment to make as a way of maintaining your soft tissue health and monitoring any changes. This way we have a much better chance of keeping on top of tissue tension and stand a much better chance or catching injuries in the early stage before they become a bigger problem. If you have any further questions regarding sports massage or an injury concern, feel free to call Stuart Sahan, Sports Therapist on 01926 504 101 for a friendly no obligation chat. You can choose to book in and come see us in our Kenilworth based clinic in Warwickshire. Or you can book a convenient mobile appointment where we regularly go out to see clients in areas like Coventry, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Leamington, Warwick, Rugby, Southam and Stratford.