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Dry Cupping Therapy

Decompress & Relax

Sports Therapy One are excited to offer RockPods as a treatment option out of our Coventry & Kenilworth clinics. RockPods are the latest innovation in dry cupping therapy by RockTape UK.

These silicone cups use negative pressure to create a vacuum seal on the skin, which helps to increase circulation and promote healing. The unique design of RockPods allows for easy gliding over the skin, making it simple to target specific areas of the body leaving minimal therapeutic marking.

Some key benefits in using RockPods is their ability to alleviate pain and tension in muscles and joints. By targeting specific trigger points, these cups can help release built up tension and reduce inflammation. This makes RockPods an excellent tool for athletes or anyone suffering from chronic pain or injuries.

But it’s not just athletes who can benefit from dry cupping therapy with RockPods – this technique is also great for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

Stuart Sahan is a certified RockDoc and has undergone rigorous training in the professional application of RockPods though the RockTape UK certification programme. You can be assured you will get a second to none 100% professional service. Why not book in and give a RockPod session a try?