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Rock Tape Kinesiology Taping

Feel the Benefit of a K Taping Application

Rock Tape, or simply known as K Tape, is the best brand of kinesiology tape on the market. Rock Tape has become increasingly popular amongst athletes and the general population. It is  used in millions of Sports Physiotherapy clinics around the world including Sports Therapy One. K Taping involves applying thin, stretchy tape at various tensions to the skin in order to provide support, reduce pain, aid a reduction in inflammation and provide neurosensory feedback. Rock Tape is unique because it is designed to mimic the elasticity of human skin, providing both comfort and durability.

Some key benefits of using Rock Tape is its ability to reduce pain and enhance athletic performance. By supporting weak or injured muscles and joints, the tape can improve range of motion and help prevent further injury. Additionally, the stimulation provided by wearing Rock Tape can help increase blood circulation and help reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

Rock Tape can also be used as a form of pain relief for the general population  suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The gentle pressure applied by the tape can help alleviate discomfort without causing irritation or inflammation to sensitive areas.

Rock Taping is a service provided free of charge with any of our clinical or mobile treatment services. Need some RockTape to take home? You can also purchase RockTape stock from our clinic.

Stuart Sahan is a certified RockDoc and has undergone rigorous training in the professional application of RockTape though the RockTape UK certification programme. You can be assured you will get a second to none 100% professional service. Why not book in for a session and give RockTape a try?